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Training Program on “Strategic Management of Intellectual Property for MSMEs and Start-Ups” (17 May, 2016, PHD Chamber, New Delhi)

Source: Ananya Singh (Associate), Kunal Setiya (Associate) – United IPR
May 21, 2016


A training program was organized by PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry to familiarize the MSME’s and Start ups for registering their IP rights with the support of the Government especially after the implementation of the National IPR policy 2016. The agenda of the training programs wherein eminent speakers were invited to express their views included:


  • Patent Strategies for Entrepreneurs and MSME’s.
  • Issues and Challenges for MSME’s for patenting in India by MHRD IPR, University of Delhi.
  • Opportunities available for Indian Firms to do business in ASEAN presented by Mr. Ramesh Kodammal, President , ASEAN Business Council.
  • IP Commercialization Strategies for Entrepreneurs and MSME’s.


All the speakers provided their valuable inputs for registration of IP rights for the MSE’s and Start-Ups. There was also a healthy discussion with the panel on the recent implemented National IPR Policy, 2016. The major objectives were discussed in length by Mr. OP Singh, Deputy Director, Ministry of Small, Micro and Medium Enterprises.


The key takeaway from the conference was to assist the start ups and MSME’s to register their IP rights and overcome the inhibitions of disclosing inventions to the public at large.