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Sessions conducted by UnitedIPR : Drafting a Complete Patent Application (workout in groups) and Group Discussion on 13th & 14th September, 2018

India is riding fast towards development on its technological progression.   A stringent IPR protection and robust IPR enforcement mechanism seems indispensable to grow as an economy.  IPR laws have lately gained significance in the Indian legal system and are also responsible for augmenting the economy.  The government is waking up to intrinsic crimes against intellectual property and acknowledging their status at par to other offences.

The course was focussed on giving insights about all the  IP protections available and their overlaps, and their linkages with allied statutes.  The knowledge was imparted with the intention to provide awareness to participants about the importance of Drafting the Complete Specification and the bad practices, the impact of important words/ phrases customarily used in Patent Drafting.

The training was attended by Around 60 target persons, mainly belonging to IPR bodies (PIC’s), University IPR Cells, TISC officials, KIRAN IPR scientists (WOS C), R&D labs, IP professionals, industries etc. The workshop was organised pursuant to the fulfilment of the National IPR Policy’s objectives. This workshop was targeted to enable participants to critically identify, define and assess the general structure of a patent specification; acquire basic skills to identify an invention. Evaluate and apply different patent drafting techniques, and Draft claims in order to differentiate the concerned application from prior.

The technical background participants, holding PhD. in their respective streams actively took interest in the  6 hours hands-on workshop and training to draft the Complete Specification and sincerely became part of the question-answer session by putting up queries about Drafting techniques and the methodology of writing Claims and other aspects related to a Patent Application. The sessions were very interactive with highly qualified people, who are experts in different technologies eagerly tried to clarify their doubts about the Legal aspect of the technical drafts and about the concepts of techno legal nature of the Patent Application. The group exercise followed the presentation, and the participants thoroughly brainstormed amongst each other in their groups to write the correct specification.

They shared their feedback and felt well equipped to draft the Specification with Claims after the workshop.  The workshop was considered effective also in discussing Patent law and procedural aspects like First Examination report, Opposition, Revocation etc.

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