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IPR Training with Customs Officials at the National Academy of Customs, Excise & Narcotics (NACEN), Faridabad on 18th May, 2016

Source: Ananya Singh (Associate) – United IPR
May 24, 2016


United IPR in cooperation with Asian Coalition against Counterfeiting and Piracy (ACACAP) participated in the Intellectual Property Rights Workshop organised by World Customs Organization (WCO) at the National Academy of Customs, Excise and Narcotics (NACEN), Faridabad, India on 18th May, 2016.


The workshop witnessed participation from 33 Senior Customs Officials from India as well as other countries from Asia Pacific Region. The workshop also experienced value addition by a guild of internationally renowned rights holders including:

The workshop aimed at increasing awareness about counterfeit and pirated products through interactive presentations detailing the diverse techniques of IPR enforcement employed by customs officials across all the participating countries. The incorporation of ‘Best Practices on IPR and Information Sharing’ was also promoted amongst the customs officials. Further, specific product identification techniques as regards the original and counterfeit products of various participating rights holders were thoroughly explained to and discussed with the customs officials, with the objective of increasing implementation accuracy & efficiency while undertaking IPR enforcement as regards counterfeit products.


The customs officials were provided a key insight on the effects of counterfeiting on public health and safety. Further emphasis was laid on the far reaching impacts of counterfeiting including anti-national operations such as funding terrorist operations, smuggling and other illegal activities.


The workshop proved instrumental in increasing awareness amongst the participants which was evident from their appreciation of the same in terms of enhancement of their understanding of the detailed specifics of IPR enforcement.