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IPR Training with Pune Police Officers on 11th Nov’ 2017


In a faster growing Indian economy, there is a need for adequate enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs). The Government of India through its Home Affairs Ministry (Police-I Division, Police Training Section) issued a Notification vide F.No.23011/14/2017-PT dated 10th October 2017 introducing regular courses on enforcement of IPR for Police Officials. The underlying objective of issuing this notification was to address concerns regarding the link between the violation of IPRs and other organized crimes like terror funding, etc. which have caused a serious threat to public safety and security of the country.

With the advent of technology and rapidly changing dynamics of crime and its consequent enforcement, it is the need of the hour for our investigative and enforcement agencies to keep up the pace with criminals and in fact stay ahead of them. Offences against Intellectual Property are categorized as Economic Offences which affect not only its proprietors but are also detrimental to the larger public interest. Realizing the pivotal role of Police Officials in combating counterfeiting and piracy and understanding the necessity to equip its officers with appropriate knowledge and skills to curb IPRs violation, the learned Commissioner of Police approved training for its Officers that was organized by United IPR on 11th November 2017 at the Commissioner’s Office, Pune City, Maharashtra.


The training aimed to assist the police officers with the latest updates on IPR laws, case laws, the procedure involved and expose them to the various concepts and techniques pertaining to IPR enforcement by sharing product identification tips that would aid the officers in developing intelligence against fakes based on the inputs shared by the right-holders.

Pune TrainingAttendees

The training was held at Commissioner’s Office, Pune City, Maharashtra, India on 11th November 2017 which was presided over by the Mr. Rajesh Parunik, Senior Inspector, Crime Branch, Pune Police and attended by approximately 70 police officers from 27 different Police Stations in Pune City, officers from the Crime Branch and also from the Economic Offence Wing. The participating right-holders included Apple, L’Oreal, P&G, Coty, L Brands, Polo Ralph Lauren, Burberry, LVMH Watches brands, Audemars Piguet, Dita, Polo, Vans, Skullcandy and Monster Energy.


Police Officers who attended the training shared an emphatic feedback on the various guidelines and mechanisms shared by the right-holders that would assist the Officers in an efficient investigation, application of the relevant statutory provisions, the filing of charge-sheets, leading and preserving evidence and culmination of the prosecution proceedings. It is incumbent upon the Police Officials to not only maintain the law and order in the society but also to handle the contemporary economic offences, IPR infringement being one of them, with radical efficiency.

Additionally, this training offered the ideal platform to the Officials and the Right-Holders to share their experiences, exchange best practices and better inter-agency coordination with respect to enforcement of IPRs.

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