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July 17, 2013

The Indian Customs Department being the fundamental administrative authority at the borders has been remarkable with the enforcement of IPR laws through successful implementation of IPR (Imported Goods) Enforcement Rules, 2007. However, as the quality of IPR infringing goods has substantially improved and more and more goods of complex nature are involved, the customs officers have found it increasingly difficult to distinguish genuine products from the infringing ones, especially as the imported counterfeits are almost identical to the original ones.


With a view to sensitize the IPR Laws and create awareness on the product identification of some of the popular brands, United IPR along-with the ECTA and some of the prominent international brands vis-à-vis, COTY, L’OREAL, LACOSTE, CALVIN KLEIN, LVMH, POLO RALPH LAUREN & WD-40 have taken the initiative for the second time (previous event held at the ports of New Delhi and Chennai) in the year 2013 to hold a customs training road-show in India across the ports of Kolkata, Mumbai and Punjab from the 24th to 28th June 2013. The road-show was successfully organized and held on the following dates and venues:


1) At the Kolkata Customs House, Kolkata on 24th June 2013 – The workshop was attended by 40 Custom officers (approx) and was presided by the Hon’ble Commissioner of Customs, Preventive Mr. Amit Kumar Roy.





2) At the New Custom House, Mumbai on 26th June 2013 – This workshop was attended by more than 45 Custom officers and was presided by the Additional Commissioner of Customs (Import) Mr. B.S. Nunwal and the Deputy Commissioner of Customs (SIIB, Import) Mr. Abhay Kumar.






3) At the Customs House in GRFL, Sahnewal, Ludhiana (Punjab) on 28th June 2013 – This workshop was attended by around 60 Custom officers and was felicitated under the presence of the Additional Commissioner of Customs (Preventive), Mr. S.S. Katiyar.