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Conference On IPR Sensitization And Anti-Counterfeiting – JETRO And UnitedIPR

In furtherance to the anti-counterfeiting objectives and dedicated protection of Intellectual Property Rights, United IPR and JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) conducted an interactive IPR Conference on 15th of March, 2016 in New Delhi, India. The conference was attended by various representatives of imminent Japanese Companies having their operations in India. 

The conference was intended to familiarize the Japanese based JETRO Member Companies with the Intellectual Property Rights Regime of India for prevention of counterfeit goods and effective anti-counterfeiting measures and practices. The meet was presided over by Mr. Kimio Otani, the Deputy Director, JETRO and Mr. Yohei Sugahara, Director (Intellectual Property Rights) Regional Intellectual Property Attache` for South Asia, Japan Patent Office.

Mr. Shravan Kumar Bansal, Senior Partner, United IPR was invited as the Speaker to share his thoughts on Implementation and Effectiveness of Anti Counterfeiting measures in India and also suggest various methods for better IPR Enforcement. A comprehensive presentation was delivered by Mr. Bansal where he threw light on the IP Laws and Procedures which exist in India towards protection of IP from counterfeiting and infringement. He stressed on the importance of Training Programs with the Indian Customs and Police Authorities through organizational support of JETRO to sensitize the enforcement agencies and create an environment of IP Protection.

“India being a growing economy is hugely impacted on the revenue and employment front due to the increase in counterfeiting activities”, said Mr. Bansal. As such, India has realized the importance of implementation of their IPR Protection obligations, in order to ensure national economic progress and improved participation in international trade.

The Conference found its conclusion in the firm resolve to work in harmony and tackle the menace of counterfeiting and infringement activities globally, with a special focus in India and Japan.