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Ed Sheeran sued over ‘Thinking Out Loud’

The British pop music sensation, Ed Sheeran, yet again faces charges of infringement as the successors of Marvin Gaye, sued him, claiming that his hit record “Thinking Out Loud” infringes the song “Let’s Get It On”, which was composed by Gaye. The law suit has been filed in the Southern District of New York. The successors of the singer have claimed that Ed Sheeran had copied key elements of the aforementioned music track in his own song.

This would mark the second complaint of copyright infringement against Ed Sheeran in the last few months, before this he was sued for his song “Photograph”. The present lawsuit against him is for damages. The grounds of infringement are on the harmonic progression and melodic elements of Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” formed the basic structure of the song “Thinking Out Loud”.

Trade Mark Infringement – Delhi’s Khan Market threatens to sue Salman Khan

Salman Khan’s venture in to the online shopping space finds itself in a legal soup! The Bollywood star had launched his website on his birthday last year. The website was well received by the actor’s fans and found mention at most social media platforms as well.

However, the website has irked the market association of Central Delhi’s most famous market – Khan Market, due to its name being markedly similar to the 65 year old market’s name. The Khan Market Trader’s Association has decided to pursue legal action against Salman Khan, in case the actor denies changing the name of his website. The Market Association contends that the website gives a deceptive resemblance that it is the online portal for the famous Delhi based market. This in the view of the market association is unjust utilization of their public image by Salman Khan!

Reportedly, the market association has served a Legal Notice on Salman Khan and has given him 7 days to reply.

Salman Khan is yet to comment on this development. It is not going to be an easy decision for him, as many people have already registered on the website and it has received considerable popularity.