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A Patent is a monopoly right granted to person who has invented a new and useful article or an improvement of an existing article or a new process of making an article.It includes drafting,opposition,etc

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Trademark represents a company’s business, and good will associated with it. If appropriately protected and strategized, a trademark can provide tremendous business advantage to an organization.

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Copyrights protect creative expressions in the form of literary, artistic, musical, cinematographic, photographic, and other works. Registration of a copyright offers several advantages.

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This includes services such as Legal support, Finance , Business strategy, Complete Intellectual property support, Complete regulatory Compliance, Legal Due Diligence,etc

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About Us

United IPR is a dedicated full-service Intellectual Property Firm principally based in Delhi (India), globally known for its IPR prosecution, litigation and entrepreneurial and operational skills. It provides quality and world class legal services to both international and domestic clients.


Why Us

Rendering services for more than 20 years, UOTMC & UPOF have specialized in Trademark, Copyright and Design, Geographical Indication and Patent litigation, filing, prosecution, registration of IPRs including renewals, licensing and enforcement. In addition, the firms provide services for other IPRs viz., Domain Names, Unfair-Trade Practices, Trade Secrets, Parallel Imports and Anti-Counterfeiting.


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Affliations & Empanelment

Affliations & Empanelments

We are on the panel of several Indian as well as international R&D based Government organizations as ‘Patent & IP Attorneys’ and assist inventors/authors in drafting & filing Patent applications and copyrights.

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Maybe it won’t get that far, but those who care about these international law disputes think China and the U.S. are on a collision course because both sides hew closely to contradictory readings of international law. One would assume the conflict won’t go nuclear.

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Head Office – S-104 (First Floor), Panchsheel Park, New Delhi 110017

Head Office – 52, Sukhdev Vihar, Mathura Road, New Delhi -110025

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