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Helping people find Justice since 1954

United IPR, a consortium of United Overseas Patent Firm (UOPF) & United Overseas Trade Mark Company (UOTMC), has its roots in the parental full service IPR Law Firm, Delhi Registration Services and its litigation wing K.G. Bansal & Co., which were established in the year 1954 and which, in due course of time, have achieved phenomenal and exponential growth with considerable client base.


United IPR is a dedicated full-service Intellectual Property Firm principally based in Delhi (India), globally known for its IPR prosecution, litigation and entrepreneurial and operational skills. Formed with an avowed object of rendering efficient, effective and comprehensive legal advice and consultancy to their esteemed international and national clients in the field of IPR, it aims to create, protect, prosecute, manage, enforce, enhance, extend and evaluate IPRs to keep in tune with changing times and realities in the field of law. It provides quality and world class legal services to both international and domestic clients.


Rendering services for more than 20 years, UOTMC & UPOF have specialized in Trademark, Copyright and Design, Geographical Indication and Patent litigation, filing, prosecution, registration of IPRs including renewals, licensing and enforcement. In addition, the firm provides services for other IPRs viz., Domain Names, Unfair-Trade Practices, Trade Secrets, Parallel Imports and Anti-Counterfeiting. The firm comprises of dedicated team of experienced IPR lawyers, Patent Agents, Patent, Copyright and Design Consultants, who have excelled in their fields of practice and have at their command, the state of art technology, office facilities and an extensive library.